• Thursday, 18 July 2019

    How to File the Insurance Claim?

    From the Cyclone Fani around 10,000 villages and 52 urban areas got saved from it. But there is the water shortage in Odisha. Most of the family lost their family members and home in this Cyclone. You can claim the money of the Home Insurance, Car Insurance if they got damages due to the Cyclone. Most of the policies are giving the cost of damage due to the Cyclone. If you don’t know how to fill the claim then in this article we are going to discuss about it.
    ·       First inform to the Insurer
    Yes, first of all you have to inform to the Insurer if you are an insured victim. Do not worry about the original papers or the photocopy. Just inform them through writing letter or by Calling on their tool-free number. You can also take the help of your agent to get in touch with the Insurance company. Once you registered the claim you will receive to the Registration number.
    Despite the fact that you have to record the case as quickly as time permits, in such conditions, you can anticipate that expansion on the due date should make your case. In a perfect world, the course of events allowed is seven days.
    From that point onward, you can get to the strategy archives and see whether you have all the applicable records and make sense of what's lost or missing. The case related documentation process for most insurance agencies are comparative.
    ·       How to File the Claim from the Home Insurance
    If you have taken the Home Insurance and your home is insured then congratulations you are saved from the huge amount of loss. This is depends on the type of Insurance company that you have opted. Depends on it that you can also claim to the furniture which is placed inside your house.
    You do not need to do FIR because the house got damaged not theft by someone. Most of the Insurance companies covers the losses of the Insurer.
    What things you need to provide them?
    ·        First of all you have to register the claim.
    ·        Now you have to give the details of the Policyholder like, PAN Card, details of house etc.
    ·        Once, you will register to your claim then the Insurance company will send the officer to your home for checking it.
    How to claim Life Insurance?
    The compulsory accommodation of a demise declaration won't have any significant bearing during a cataclysmic event. Some insurance agencies acknowledge a testament from the emergency clinic, police or the military if exploited people can't get a demise declaration on schedule.
    According to the Indian Evidence Act, the case for a missing individual can be settled simply after a holding up time of seven years from the date of recording an FIR. In any case, if there should arise an occurrence of a cataclysmic event, this standard is deferred.
    Final Words
    So, if you live in Odisha or any other city where the chances of Cyclone or any natural disaster are more then you must take the Insurance of everything so that you can claim it and save yourself from the huge loss.

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